Hospitalist Service

Patient FAQ's

Q: What is a hospitalist?
A: A hospitalist is a fully licensed physician who specializes in hospital care. Since these physicians focus solely on patients in the hospital, they are continually available to help monitor their progress. Hospitalists have practiced at Adventist Medical Center since 1995 and serve as physician leaders in promoting quality health care.

Q: Which hospitalist will I see while I am hospitalized?
A: Our hospitalists work closely with each other and your regular doctor(s) to provide you with the best possible care. Because they see patients around the clock, more than one hospitalist may treat you during your stay. Be assured that the hospitalist seeing you knows your case well.

Q: How will my usual doctor know what happened while I was in the hospital?
A: Our hospitalists communicate with your primary care provider (PCP) in a variety of ways. When you leave Adventist Medical Center, a detailed summary of your stay will be sent to your PCP. We also obtain your clinic records to help with your hospital care. Once you leave the hospital, your PCP will resume responsibility for your medical care, so it is very important that you make a follow-up appointment with him/her.

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