Patient Comments

"Thank you, Renee Novak, RN,BSN for being so kind and helpful (and for the fabulous cookies) in the Joint Replacement Class and all during my stay at the hospital. Thank you too for the very thoughtful remembrances you gave me before being discharged. The gals at Physical Therapy were jealous.

Thank you to, Rishi Gupta, MDfor a fantastic and talented Hip Replacement Surgery. The hip is doing well and is such an improvement. My other Doctors have commented on what a good job you did. I will recommend you to everyone that has a hip or knee issue! Bless you all." 

- Portland, OR

"In an age when "no service" and "don't care" seem to rule the corporate world, when the almighty dollar is the only measure of success or failure, it is beyond refreshing to realize that the entire world has not been corrupted by this vain and misguided direction. That there is a place where one can come and leave their burden at your doorstep and trust in God that all around you have done their best every second of every hour of every day, day and night, to care for their patient’s needs.

And, so it was that I entered the world of hip replacement. New to me? Oh yes. Frightened? Yes. I had been going downhill for many years. From cross country running to barely able to walk. An invalid. From the time that I first entered my room on fifth floor I was surrounded by excellence and, let there be no doubt, the kind of excellence that comes from true caring about their patients. From the heart. From their souls.

A kind of excellence that one rarely ever sees these days... anywhere. You are all to be commended for this wonderful caring attitude. It makes a difference in so many ways. Uncountable but real. I do not know how to thank you all. The Department Director, the Nursing staff, Physical Therapy, and my new found friend Dr. Gupta.

So, take a bow. You are wonderful. You are appreciated and you are excellence in a new and brilliant fashion. Thank you for every moment that you cared for me. Thank you for the excellence. Thank you for being you. If your Department could be cloned, Wall Street would be very very wealthy indeed.

I am walking and walking and walking, doing lots of exercises and attending PT classes. My goal is to be back power walking this spring with my oldest son (and maybe my youngest as well) and feeling the breeze in my face thanks to you."
Mark - A very happy former patient.

10123 SE Market St, Portland, OR 97216(503) 257-2500