Stroke Care

Interview with Pam Almandinger, RN, CNRN

Facility name: Adventist Medical Center
Contact name: Pam Almandinger RN, CNRN
Membership: SCN
Member since: 2006
Facility certification: Joint Commission certified

Why are you a member with National Stroke Association?
Our Stroke program receives added value via networking, patient education and staff education.

What part of your membership do you find most useful in your day to day job?
We use the patient education brochures on a daily basis. Our whole team benefits from the webinars and online educational activities provided, and we value the NIHSS service as well.

If you weren’t in the medical field, what would you be doing?
If I could earn a living doing it, I suppose something that involves digging in the dirt or trekking in the woods.

Your dream vacation?
An African safari has always been a dream of mine.

Your childhood ambition?
To be a nurse.

Best practice ideas to share?
Always treat each patient the same as you would want your grandma or parent treated. That applies to kindness as well as clinical excellence and patient advocacy.

For stroke?
Patient education is paramount! Start the education during patient admission and continue it every time you are in the room.

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