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Music Therapy Greatly Impacts Hospice Patients

Her husband had not been able to talk for about a week. Thinking he would like a visit from the Hospice chaplain, she arranged a visit. Chaplain Russell, also known as the “singing chaplain”, arrived with his guitar and was soon ushered into her husband’s room. Not wanting to intrude, she went back into the living room, waiting for the chaplain to complete his visit.

In just a few moments, she heard Chaplain Russell strumming his guitar as he began singing some of her husband’s favorite songs. Moments later she was completely surprised when she began to hear her husband sing along with the chaplain.

Something in the music had stirred her husband’s soul. He began to sing and talk for the first time in a week. She was so grateful for that visit. Her husband had passed away a few short weeks before she shared this personal and emotional story with us. Imagine the impact this experience will have on her life forever.

Music is a powerful therapeutic tool that not only helps Hospice patients but also supports families. It was certainly powerful and supportive in this case.

The Foundation goal for 2014 is to fully fund the Hospice Music Therapy program.

White Angels and Bows Trees  

Angels and Bows Celebrates 25th Year Anniversary

Over 150 people attended the Angels and Bows event in December. This marked the Silver Anniversary of Angels and Bows. During this time the Angels and Bows event has provided nearly $500,000 to support Adventist Health’s Hospice program.

During the event we reflected on our history, celebrated the lives of our Hospice family’s loved ones and recognized the talented and compassionate Hospice team who provide care for the residents of our community.

Dr. Richard Gingrich was honored for his vision as the Founder of the Adventist Health Hospice program some 25 years ago. He has been tireless advocate for how Hospice can enhance end of life care for patients and family members. Personal, fun & family stories illustrating Dr. Gingrich’s tremendous compassion and care for his patients and family were told during the Founder award presentation by Cindy Nutter and Dr. Gary Gingrich, two of his children.

Gingrich Award The evening included the traditional ringing of the bells to honor the passing of a loved one.  A special treat for all was the return of Wes Burden, musician, who inspired with his performance on the saxophone.

The 2014 Angels and Bows event is Dec. 7th, returning to the Adventist Medical Center.

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