Statement 2/15/11 - 1:25 PM

February 15, 2011

We appreciate the many expressions of support for both our staff and the family of Birgilio Marin-Fuentes who passed away on our campus last week. They are reminders that we are a community of caring and faith.

In the last several days there have been numerous confusing reports about what happened here last Thursday in the early morning hours. We have shared surveillance video and a timeline with the police, the mayor and the news media. We want everyone to see that the hospital and the emergency responders did everything possible to save this man's life. As soon as we knew that someone needed help, we sent help.

Portland Police Chief Mike Reese appeared at a joint press conference and stated, "I've had an opportunity to view the video and talk with hospital staff and based on this it seems clear that the hospital was preparing a response to aid Mr. Marin-Fuentes. We are committed to continuing to work on our communication with the staff at all levels and solidifying our partnership as we move forward."

Here at Adventist Medical Center, we applaud the heroic efforts of our first responders – the Portland Police Bureau, the Portland Fire Department, American Medical Response, as well as our emergency room doctors and nurses – they are truly heroes in our community.

Despite the robust and timely emergency response, the outcome was not what any of us wanted. A man died in spite of the efforts to save his life. We offer his family and friends our deepest sympathy and our continued prayers.

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