2011 Crystal Angel Award

February 28, 2011

2/28/2011 - 2011 Crystal Angel Award

Richard Gingrich, MD, has been recognized for putting into practice the spiritual mission of Adventist Health and is the recipient of the hospital’s 2011 Crystal Angel Award. The award was presented by Tom Russell, Adventist Heath President and CEO, at the annual Physician Banquet last week.

“Dr. Gingrich has a long track record of displaying empathy for patients and staff,” says Russell. “His honest and candid remarks elicit confidence from patients, staff and his peers. He serves as voice of reason when dealing with challenging physician issues and always has a spirit of service. ”

Dr. Gingrich began his relationship with Adventist Health as a physician more than 40 years ago by establishing our peripheral vascular lab and has cared for thousands of patients. Even during retirement, he is still serving through a community clinic and demonstrates wisdom and unwavering faith as amember of the Governing Board and participant on the mission and spiritual life committee.

Nominees for the Crystal Angel Award are selected based on their demonstration of integrity; incorporating loving care into their practices and encourage others to do the same; display empathy for patients and staff; treat patients from a wholeperson perspective—body, mind and spirit; elicit confidence from patients and staff; demonstrate an open-minded attitude toward matters of faith; exhibit sensitivity to the emotions of others in the face of difficult situations; are recognized by others as caring practitioners; and appropriately integrate spiritual needs into patient care plans.


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