Palliative Care

Palliative care takes a team approach to relieve suffering, preserve dignity and support the best quality of life. Palliative care is for anyone dealing with a serious illness, at any time, regardless of diagnosis, prognosis or treatment. Care is guided by the goals and expectations of the patient and family and by accepted standards of health care practice and palliative medicine. Care is focused on the whole person, offering assistance with physical, spiritual, emotional and cultural needs along with other appropriate care.

The Palliative Care Team

The palliative care team at Adventist Medical Center works closely with the patient, their family and their primary physician(s), to recommend care options that are consistent with the patient’s care goals. Members of the palliative care team may include:

  • A nurse specialist with palliative care training, who assists with pain and symptom management. She also coordinates communication and the care of the patient and their family.
  • A social worker who assists with emotional issues, resources and discharge planning.
  • A chaplain can offer spiritual support for patients and families according to their faith and individual needs.
  • Other consulted support staff as needed.


Palliative care professionals work together with the patient’s existing doctors, nurses and other caregivers to provide:

  • Expert treatment of pain and distressing symptoms
  • Guidance with determining goals of care
  • Help in interpreting the benefits and burdens of treatment options
  • Close communication and compassionate care
  • Emotional and spiritual support for the patient, family and caregivers
  • Help with practical needs
  • Discharge coordination


Contact Palliative Care Services

To access the Palliative Care program at the hospital, ask your doctor for a referral for Palliative Care Services. We welcome questions from patients and family members. For more information, call Adventist Medical Center at 503-257-2500 and ask for the Palliative Care coordinator.

10123 SE Market St, Portland, OR 97216(503) 257-2500